Life Light, the book

The Pic of the Week, my slightly erratic, sort-of-weekly photographic e-prezzie I've been sending out over the past twelve years, accompanied increasingly by succinct ideas and insights, has not only grown in itself, I've grown through it too... and, from the inspiring and motivating feedback I receive, it's contributed to others' personal growth as well.

I love that I've been able to freely share this gift in its ephemeral digital form, spreading ripples in a positively tangible way through people's days... and I'm delighted to be answering the calls I've received to make it available in the more enduring and tactile form of a breathspace-eliciting, feelgood-evoking, coffee-table book titled Life Light.

Life Light Mockup Tree Be Me 02

On walks through the forest, swims in the sea and sits on the couch, in conversations with friends and through starry night thinks, Life Light has revealed its form and function to me: I have a pile of sticky notes, various notebooks, odd scraps of paper, and the inevitable collection of digital notepad apps filled with scribblings now ready to be transcribed and refined, each succinct piece mated with its quintessential photograph from my collection.

I love that to facilitate bringing this book into being I'll be able to open up for pre-orders soon, and also that I can first open up for special requests and suggestions, as well as advice on crowdfunding and publishing. I have made a start with a Patreon page at and am exploring local South African options, so if you, or someone you know, has any experience or ideas or suggestions you'd like to share, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Andy Wave Wall Prints Wide

And I love most of all that we share this journey; whether you were one of the original eight people on my mailing list or if you've recently discovered it, whether you regularly share your responses or if you prefer to enjoy in silence, there is always a heart-glowing, breathspace-eliciting reciprocity.

So, simply and sincerely: thank you!
With warmth and appreciation,

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