A little bit about Andrea (also known as Andy)

We’re unique, yes, but we’re not different. While I grow my art through my story, it delights me that people can grow their own stories through my art.

My conceptual photographs are visual metaphors for the less tangible emotional aspects of personal life experiences, while my nature cameos and landscapes are simply for the delight of sharing the ‘breathspace’ nature conveys.

What makes me go "ooh...", "aHh..." and "yum!"?

Well, I thoroughly enjoy hiking, kloofing, boulder hopping, rock climbing, tree climbing, tree planting, tree hugging, hugging people, marvelling at wild flowers, marvelling at wild animals, and at human nature, unzipping my tent at dawn in a remote spot, writing (or doodling) with a fine pen on smooth paper, swimming wild places, surfing, travelling with nothing but my pack and instincts, making plans then spontaneously changing them, snowboarding on fresh powder, photographing nature with a wide angle lens, photographing nature with a macro lens, photographing people to show them their true authentic beauty, walking barefoot, talking nonsense, reading inspiring literature, napping in a hammock, hearing snippets of conversation by passers-by, watching just about everything (occasionally even some television), learning about anything, eating, drinking (rooibos, rooiwyn, and the fresh rooi tannin-tinted mountain water of the Cape), enjoying friends, enjoying solitude, running around madly, sitting quietly doing nothing, laughing (especially at myself), experiencing life...

May you enjoy a sense of breathspace while you browse, and please feel free to share your thoughts with me!


A bit of an autodidact, I learned less through institutions and more through reading, observing, questioning, and good old trial and "erro-oh-wow"! 

After school I was captivated by the possibilities of the emerging computer graphics programs and delighted to discover I could even earn my living from my passion. A couple of years with a small desktop publishing studio in Jo’burg is the sum total of my non-freelance jobs, after which — directed by whim and happenstance — I travelled for six years around the world alternating between freelance graphic design work, and hitching and hiking around some of the wilder places in the world with my backpack, tent, a couple of lightweight cameras, a few rather heavier lenses, my even heavier tripod, and as many spools of slide, black and white, and infra-red film I could afford.  

I followed my nose to Cape Town in 2001, where I found myself growing a small graphic design business, which increasingly included photography, for my clients' projects as well as for stock libraries, lifestyle portraits and weddings.

Coming from an old school film photography background, it was only once the new digital camera technology could really do what I wanted it to that I made the switch — and with that I added the magical realm of what I call "light-sculpting" to my photography: a natural merging of my traditional darkroom knowledge with my graphic design digital imaging skills.

After more than a decade of pushing myself to my fullest in many areas of my life, I realised I wished to focus on creating expressive fine art photography, so in 2013 I ceased my graphic design offerings and poured my energy into creating conceptual emotive portraits and "hangable breathspace": my photographic art prints of our natural world.

My artworks have been displayed in numerous group art exhibitions and art fairs around South Africa and online.