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Welcome to the slightly erratic, sort-of-weekly e-prezzie!

Every week — well, on a slightly erratic, sort-of-weekly basis — I send out a little piece of happy, or calm, or contemplativeness in the form of a photograph (and a few select words).

Every new subscriber before 7th December 2017 will be entered into a draw to win an Andy Nix photographic art print, so if you'd like to receive the free Pic of the Week, just fill in your details and I'll add you to my mailing list and enter you into the draw. (The draw will take place at the beginning of December and the winner will be notified via email and on the Pic of the Week. The prize is an 8" x 12" (30 x 45cm) print on satin matte photographic paper of any of my open-edition photographs.)

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