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Coming from a traditional background, it was only when digital cameras were capable of producing what I considered quality images did I finally make the switch from film—and added the magical realm of what I call "light-sculpting" to my photography, i.e. digital processing in Lightroom, a natural merging for me of darkroom knowledge with graphic design skills.

I am "self-learned" from many sources: other photographers (famous and otherwise), experimentation and pure luck! I make photographs, rather than take them. My image creation process begins long before I click the shutter, and continues well afterwards, in much the same way as ideas, sketches and under-paintings are just the beginning of a painting.  Whether a concept has been lying dormant in my imagination for years, waiting for the conditions to be right to take the photo that will be the “under-painting” of my image, or whether it has happened in a flash, my images are pre-visualised and I know where I'd like to go with them. (True, some don’t work out quite as I’d like, but then others surprise me with where they take me, so it all works out!)

My best work is created when I am inspired – sometimes a great image will be created in the spur of a moment, others only come after long and hard work, both in the field and in my ‘lightroom”. I'm inspired by such varied sources, mainly in the natural world, but I’m always looking to create something new, something that either conveys the emotion of the time and place, or evokes a new, unique emotion in the viewer, something that hasn’t been done in quite the same way before. I love beauty, mostly in nature, and in quirky and interesting places. There is often so much focus in the art world on making a statement, whether it’s social, political or anything else. I guess my statement is simply that there is a lot of beauty around us, and taking a tiny moment out of our day to notice it can temporarily shift our minds away from our negative issues, and, hopefully, inspire us.

I didn’t set out to be a photographer, but things always seem to work out; after leaving high school I found myself in a small graphic design studio. From there I went on to freelance at many London and Sydney design studios, in between bouts of hitch-hiking around various parts of the world, attending the University of Life as my grandfather put it! Although I had various “muk-en-druk” cameras as a kid, during my travels I acquired a lightweight Pentax SLR camera, and then another (one for slides, one for black and white or infrared film), and from there my passion for photography grew, and, over twenty years on, the result is what you see on these pages...

What makes me go "ooh...", "aah..." and "yum!"? Well, I thoroughly enjoy hiking, kloofing, boulder hopping, rock climbing, tree climbing, tree planting, tree hugging, hugging people, marveling at wild flowers, marveling at wild animals, and at human nature, unzipping my tent at dawn in a remote spot, writing (or doodling) with a fine pen on smooth paper, swimming, surfing, traveling with nothing but my pack and instincts, making plans then spontaneously changing them, snowboarding on fresh powder, photographing nature with a wide angle lens, photographing nature with a macro lens, photographing people to show them their true authentic beauty, walking barefoot, talking nonsense, reading inspiring literature, napping in a hammock, hearing snippets of conversation by passersby, watching just about everything (occasionally even some television), learning about anything, eating, drinking (rooibos, rooiwyn, and red Cape mountain water), being with friends, being alone, sitting quietly doing nothing, running around madly, laughing, experiencing life...

May you enjoy browsing, and please feel free to get in touch!

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