More than just visual appreciation, I feel that good photography is an emotional experience: from the creative experience of the photographer bringing images into being, to the response kindled in the beholder, the value of an image resides in it's evocativeness.

May you have a wholeheartedly enjoyable browse through my galleries and please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and questions, or just a chat... I'd love to hear from you!      

        Warmly, Andrea.png

My photos are Fabulous!!!! What awesome memories, I can't wait to show the others. Absolutely brilliant! You are unbelievable!
Dear favorite PHOTOGRAPHER,
I do not know if we show our appreciation towards you and your amazing pictures, but know this I do it’s so great and they make my week so please keep sending them?
Kindest regards, your favorite receptionist,

Photos like this are the reason why owning a super camera doesn't make one a good photographs. Good photographs such as this come from the heart.

A friend of mine sent me this link... and as I told him... your photography took me to heights I cannot describe...

I appreciate photography like you can't believe...I am not a great photographer but am building my skills...
I guess I just wanted to say am a big FAN!!!
Hi Andy, I paint in water colors (I am a novice) and your pictures have left me breathless. Art like yours one doesn't come across everyday. I just cannot wait to receive my calendar(s)
Bye for now
Thank you Andy!
What a great start o the day to receive these beautiful pics in my inbox. Lovely message too.
I wish you a beautiful day!
Dear Andy

Your pictures are AWESOME! It is so liberating to be able to use the word AWESOME in its true context (its banned in our book club as we felt it was overused and it is such a huge word).

Your images make me feel warm and fuzzy with their sheer beauty. What a gift you have in being able to see this beauty, capture it, coax it then generously share it to a bunch of privileged individuals whose day will glow brighter with a click of the mouse!

Kerry Scott
Simply beautiful.
Simply, thank you.
Not only are you a talented photographer, you are a beautiful writer.
Please keep sharing.
Dear Andy,

Thank you ... have been feeling down for the past couple of days so it was a real "pick me up".

Have a great day.

Wow, Andy your words beside your magnificent photo of my bedroom windows mountain view, are stunning ! So tenderly touching the value of dropping ever deeper into the present without expectation of it's value in the future. Love it ! Love you !
No matter HOW busy, I can never resist immediately looking at your pics. Not sure what it says about me, but I like it.

Thanks for the Pics Of The Week, they always provide a tranquil pause in the day’s hectic advance.
Oh, Andy. How you move me. Dear heart ---
Hi Girl Andy
What a beautiful pic and incredibly well written explanation !
In very busy day, it was indeed a welcome read and realisation of how true your words are !
Thank you ! ! !
Enjoy being “soft” – you deserve it !
Your photos lift me. I look forward to each one! Love this one. I can actually smell the vegetation and the fresh air, hear the gravelled stones under my feet all from just looking at it.

So talented you are!

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