authentic emotion distilled

More than pictures, my photography is as much about the experience of being photographed 
(and photographing) as it is about creating beautiful, emotive images
conveying the essence of the personalities, scenes & occasions I'm photographing... the form of natural, candid story‑of‑the‑day photography for weddings, authentic & relaxed environmental portraiture, liberating, au‑natural soul‑bodyscape 'photo‑therapy', as well as expressive musician & gig photography.

If you're looking for something to adorn your walls you may find something you love in my collection of fine art photographic & canvas prints.

For the commercial market I offer stock photography images and I am also available for select commissioned shoots - just send me a note to let me know what you'd like!

Have a browse, enjoy the images, and please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and questions, or just a chat! I'd love to hear from you!


(Oh, and if you're curious about me, and what makes me go "ooh...", "aah..." and "yum!", I am a woman who is an avid fan of the beautiful, in all its guises...

...and thoroughly enjoy hiking, kloofing, boulder hopping, rock climbing, tree climbing, tree planting, tree hugging, hugging people, marveling at wild flowers, marveling at wild animals, and at human nature (and its delightful absurdity), unzipping my tent at dawn in a remote spot, writing (or doodling) with a fine pen on smooth paper, swimming, surfing, traveling with nothing but my pack and instincts, making plans then spontaneously changing them, snow boarding on fresh powder, photographing nature with a wide angle lens, photographing people's nature with a wide open heart, watching micro scenes change through my macro lens, walking barefoot, dancing wildly, talking nonsense, reading inspiring literature, napping in a hammock, listening to my friends play guitar then trying to play myself, hearing snippets of conversation by passersby, watching just about everything (even some television), learning about anything, eating, drinking (rooibos, rooiwyn, and boutique beers), being with friends, being alone, sitting quietly doing nothing, running around madly, laughing, loving, experiencing life...)

My photos are Fabulous!!!! What awesome memories, I can't wait to show the others. Absolutely brilliant! You are unbelievable!

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