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Our beloved Arch Tutu said "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good that will overwhelm the world."

Over time, as I've shared my photographs more and more via the Pic of the Week and received such heart-opening responses, it's been a source of fulfilling delight to realise that one of the little bits of good I do is creating and sharing my art. When people let me know that my photographs transport them, or that the weekly pics provide a tranquil pause in the day’s hectic hustle, or that they feel like they are opening a prezzie every week, I know that the energy I've put into creating the pictures and words I share is wholly worth it! The significant influence our emotions have on our actions and interactions, our abilities and enjoyment, is often overlooked, but the better we feel, the more little bits of good we're able to do, the better the people we interact with feel, and the better they feel, the more good they do, and so the ripples keep on expanding and making a great big collective impact...

...and I am now ready to really expand the reach of these little-bits-of-feel-good even more, around the world! And since I absolutely love the reciprocity that flows through the Pic of the Week, I decided to run this competition.

How to enter:

I love that over the years my Pic of the Week e-prezzie has grown to almost five hundred recipients through word of mouth alone and I'd really love to keep that going, so by way of encouragement and thanks, I am giving away four ±8" x 12" photographic prints, in four separate competition draws:

Draw 1, Referrals

For those who Refer People to my Pic of the Week via email: simply invite people who you think would enjoy and benefit from receiving these e-pressies to subscribe and please remember to 'CC' me so I can include your entry! Each referral will be an entry into the draw, so the more the merrier!
You can copy these links to include in your email: this page: or my subscribe page at

Draw 2, New Subscribers

All New Subscribers before 8 December 2017 will automatically be entered into this draw: click here to subscribe and enter.

Draw 3 for Social Media fans

Visit my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for details on entering this draw.

Draw 4 for Calendar Orders

A spontaneous-happy-bonus draw for those who buy calendars online before the end of November. (All orders are automatically entered.)

The draws will take place in the first week of December, and the winners will be notified via email and announced via the Pic of the Week, as well as on my website and my various social media platforms. You may enter any and all of the draws, and the winners may select their favourite photograph from my collection. (A few limited edition prints are excluded as is framing and shipping.)

All the best, and thank you!
With warmth and gratitude,
from Andrea

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