Bending over backwards

"I started out thinking laterally, taking a panorama of the view encompassing Cape Point to Constantiaberg... [CONTENT]...but it was the clouds over Muizenberg Peak that really grabbed me, so I flipped the camera, and my mind, vertically, and just kept on clicking until the beach behind me, with Cape Hangklip across the false bay of sky, appeared, downside-up."

Pre-frontal Muizenberg vertorama

Hi Andy, hey I'm just amazed by all your pictures and I have to catch up on all your posts...which means I could spend days watching your snaps. Thank you for that... If I had to leave a comment on that one, it would be, WOW, I've never seen that before, and i would even add, come on Andy, an exhibition on that theme!!! Just some news from us, we are starting to get our yacht being built and it is in a way scary to achieve one's dream! Cheers. Pascal & Laetitia.

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